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Hi my name is Daniel Johnson welcome to my website, I am originally from Hackney, London and I have graduated from Hereford with a Contemporary Crafts Masters after completion of the Artistic Blacksmithing Degree.

Many times I have been asked what do/make as a blacksmith? In the artistic side of my work I produce sculptures and ornaments . The inspiration behind my work is how origami the simple action of folding can give a material completely different qualities and form, along with incorporating light and shade to create a dramatic contrast within the piece its self, On the non artistic side I make pattern welded (Damascus) knives, gates, railings and general commissions.

I also work in a old Japanese technique called Mokume Gane which translates roughly to wood grain. When working in this technique I use precious metals such as Silver and Gold along with a mix of other non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Brass, Gilding and Bronze. This is a similar technique as pattern welding but just with a mixture of different metals, some being precious metals. This is the technique I studied in depth throughout my Masters. 

Thank you for reading.